Passion de l'Amour Collection Parfum Sample Set

Passion de l'Amour Collection Parfum Sample Set

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Dive into the intoxicating allure of the Passion de l'Amour Collection Parfum Sample Set, featuring Passion de l'Amour and Passion de l'Amour Nouvelle Liaison. Inspired by the passion of love and the heat of adventures in the South Pacific, let Passion de l'Amour transport you to moments of timeless romance, while Passion de l'Amour Nouvelle Liaison adds a modern twist to the sizzling allure. Embark on a scented journey that captures the essence of passionate love and the fiery spirit of hot adventures in the tropical paradise of the South Pacific with this exclusive set.

Set Includes:
• Passion de L’Amour
• Passion De L'Amour Nouvelle Liaison

• Parfum Box: 2 x 1.8 ml
• Made in USA

*All of our fragrances may naturally change in color as our oil are from natural ingredients sustainably sourced from around the world. Fragrance natural coloring may slightly vary per bottle. 


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