Hufflepuff™ Parfum - Limited Edition
Hufflepuff™ Parfum - Limited Edition
Hufflepuff™ Parfum - Limited Edition

Hufflepuff™ Parfum - Limited Edition

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The Wizarding World and Warner Bros. in collaboration with House of Sillage presents a collection of luxurious and captivating fragrance and cosmetics: The Harry Potter™ Perfume and Lipstick Collection by House of Sillage.

The Hufflepuff Limited Edition Parfum highlights the bright yellow tones to represent the colors of the Hufflepuff house. This house encapsulates poised patience, loyalty, hard work, and justice. 

The cap is enameled with precious metal and encrusted with over 150 Swarovski crystals hand placed by the finest jewelers. The cap displays a luxurious arabesque design showcasing the beloved badger mascot for the house of Hufflepuff™. The yellow ombre-lacquered French glass is hand polished and hand crafted by the finest French artisans.

The Hufflepuff™ Limited Edition Parfum evokes sweet and gourmand notes of coconut cream accord, Sambac jasmine, and vanilla beans absolute.

• Top: Italian Lemon, Peach Pulp, Coconut Cream Accord
• Heart: Sambac Jasmine, White Freesia, Gardenia
• Base: Vanilla Bourbon, Virginian Cedar, Vanilla Beans Absolute

• Made in USA
• 75ml – 2.5 fl oz
• 20% Parfum oil

*All of our fragrances may naturally change in color as our oil are from natural ingredients sustainably sourced from around the world. Fragrance natural coloring may slightly vary per bottle. 


Loyal, Hardworking, and Just — the Hufflepuff™ house portrays honor and kindness. With bright yellow tones of this down-to-earth Hogwarts™ house, discover the sweet and gourmand fragrance with notes of coconut cream accord, Sambac jasmine, and vanilla beans absolute to represent house of Hufflepuff™.





House of Sillage uses craftsmanship that incorporates jewelry as exquisite embellishments, and remains on the cutting edge by carving out revolutionary benchmarks of the most luxurious fragrances and cosmetics in the world.


Our attention to detail ensures that each and every piece will always be made of the highest quality — from sourcing the highest quality scents, to utilizing the finest French glass for the bottle, to incorporating jewelry on the parfum cap’s exterior cap. This expertise is infused in every step of the process from initial design through assembly.


Every piece tells a story and embodies many years of mastered artisanal craftsmanship. Ultra-precise quality of work done by hand with precious metal and adorned with scintillating Swarovski crystals.