Hufflepuff™ Limited Edition Lipstick Case Set
Hufflepuff™ Limited Edition Lipstick Case Set
Hufflepuff™ Limited Edition Lipstick Case Set
Hufflepuff™ Limited Edition Lipstick Case Set
Hufflepuff™ Limited Edition Lipstick Case Set

Hufflepuff™ Limited Edition Lipstick Case Set

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The Harry Potter™ Lipstick collection was carefully selected to represent characteristics of each house of Hogwarts.

Encapsulating poised patience, loyalty, hard work, and justice, the Hufflepuff Lipstick Set showcases a luxurious arabesque design with Hufflepuff™ house mascot, the badger. The included lipstick refill is a natural nude shade to complement the symbols of serenity and loyalty. Pair this with the Hufflepuff Limited Edition Parfum to embody the house of Hufflepuff.

The House of Sillage Diamond Powder Lipstick formula is enriched with the addition of diamond powder. A symbol of light, purity and energy catalyst, it scatters light, producing an extraordinary lustre and firmness for an even, flawless result. Creaminess and a supremely melting effect give a lovely feeling of hydration and protection that is retained for hours. A perfectly balanced formula for unbeatable glide, extreme sensory quality, full colour and precious sparkling lustre.

• Full coverage | Satin finish
• Diamond powder: Real crushed diamonds provide lustre and firmness, evening out lips and creating a smooth satin finish
• Hydration: Formula is creamy and nourishing for your lips
• Vitamin E: Enhances lips with antioxidants and blocks free radicals

• 1 lipstick refill exclusive to this set
• Vegan leather shell case
• Protective pouch

• 3 g/ 0.105 oz
• Made in Italy

Lipstick Case Set

Loyal, Hardworking, and Just — the Hufflepuff house portrays honor and kindness. With bright yellow tones of this down-to-earth Hogwarts™ house, discover the wearable natural nude lipstick shade to represent the house of Hufflepuff™.


Dynamically presented in custom polished enamel that encapsulates the essence of innovation and opulence. Ergonomically designed to be easy to use and easy to insert lipstick refill that can be switched to match your look.


Our attention to detail remains unparalleled in the industry due to our luxuriously designed packaging and highest quality ingredients to ensure that each and every piece will always be made of the most excellent quality. This expertise is infused in every step of the process from initial design through assembly.


Features precious metal, gold accent in the iconic arabesque pattern along with over 250 pieces of hand-placed brilliant Swarovski crystals. This is the hallmark of innovation, beauty, and opulence.