Introducing Ruby Reign & Ruby Flame

The Ruby Collection is a masterful tribute to the magnificent Bengal tiger, symbolizing both its strength and grace in every aspect of its fragrance collection. The collection boasts of two remarkable scents, Ruby Reign, a luxurious women's fragrance, and Ruby Flame, an exotic men's fragrance, both housed in mesmerizing bottles that are crafted to perfection. The bottles' captivating red hue, created by French artisans, adds a sense of glamour and sophistication, while the fierce, gold geometric tiger emblem, featuring piercing ruby eyes, exudes power and vitality. Together, the Ruby Collection is a true celebration of the majestic Bengal tiger, a collection that is as captivating as it is regal, and perfect for those who seek to embody both strength and elegance in every aspect of their lives.

Ruby Reign

Ruby Reign is a luxurious women's fragrance that exudes opulence and sophistication. Inspired by the regal Bengal tiger, this captivating fragrance enchants the senses with its exquisite blend of notes, taking the wearer on a journey of sensory indulgence. With its tantalizing opening, luxurious heart, and warm and intoxicating base, Ruby Reign is the epitome of elegance and power. Presented in a stunning bottle adorned with a fierce tiger motif with ruby eyes and Swarovski crystals, this fragrance is the perfect accessory for the woman who desires to leave a lasting impression of refinement and glamour.

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Ruby Flame

Introducing Ruby Flame, an exotic and captivating men's fragrance inspired by the power and grace of the majestic Bengal tiger. The fragrance evokes a sense of adventure and excitement, perfect for the modern man who desires to leave a lasting impression. The sleek and luxurious bottle design, adorned with a fierce gold geometric tiger emblem and ruby eyes, adds an element of sophistication and refinement to the fragrance, making it the ultimate statement accessory.

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