Introducing The New House Of Sillage Amplifiers

It starts with a drop to the pulse points. A creative and revolutionary way of wearing fragrance.

The launch of the House of Sillage Amplifiers is a revolutionary way of using tailor-made, concentrated, powerful and vibrant fragrance notes to amplify certain effects of the mind. Fragrance is one of the best ways for the mind to link to memories, moods, and emotions. Each Amplifier is a unique ingredient of notes which can be used alone or layered with your favorite House of Sillage fragrance to customize and create your personal scent. The Amplifier weightlessly achieves an endless level of customization with high impact in every drop. Possibilities are endless.


Wellness Amplifier Collection -- Clean Rejuvenation, Chill Out, Jump Start, and Brain Power - all inspired by characteristics in creating quality of life. Achieve your utmost well-being with a boost of vitamins by tapping in life's moments found in comfort, vitality, and joy.


A moment to be in tune with yourself with Sensual Amplifier Collection -- Erogenous, Self Pleasure, Endorphin Release, and Foreplay - are all inspired by one's ability to fully experience levels of stimulation. Prepare to connect body and mind by owning confidence in your sensuality.