Fragrance or Parfum bottle of Tiara Limited in an open box. Blue and silver.

8th Anniversary Event

Fragrance or Parfum bottles of Tiara Signature and Limited. Blue and silver.
Purchase any Limited Edition Fragrance
and Receive a FREE Tiara Signature Parfum ($360 value)

Celebrating our 8th anniversary this year, House of Sillage is giving back to our loyal community in an extraordinary way. Paying homage to its prestigious Limited Edition Collection that started it all. House of Sillage began with the first Limited Edition fragrance bottle, Tiara, designed to elicit the inner princess in every woman. Thereafter, the luxury house launched its Limited Edition Collection, each fragrance with its unique inspiration, powerful affirmation and breathtaking packaging, exalting and establishing the brand as the unrivaled leader in luxury parfumerie.

Happening Now! Get a Free Full-Sized Tiara Signature Parfum ($360 Value), with any Limited Edition Fragrance Purchase. February 3rd - February 9th 2020 

7 products

7 products