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House of Sillage, Global Powerhouse in Luxury Fragrances and Cosmetics, Releases Limited Edition The Aeronauts Fragrance and Bow Lipstick Case in Partnership with Amazon Studios

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Nov. 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- House of Sillage, a global powerhouse in luxury haute parfumerie and cosmétique, is excited to announce the release of The Aeronauts fragrance and Bow Lipstick Case, in partnership with Amazon Studios. The niche luxury beauty brand, created by Founder and CEO Nicole Mather, is unparalleled in the industry due to its luxuriously designed packaging and highest quality ingredients, and remains on the cutting edge by carving out innovative benchmarks of the most extravagant fragrances and cosmetics in the world. The realm of luxury beauty meets the sensational world of entertainment in this exclusive limited edition The Aeronauts fragrance and world-famous Bow Lipstick Case.

The deluxe duo is inspired by The Aeronauts, an upcoming epic biographical adventure film set in 1862, distributed by Amazon Studios. Written by Jack Thorne and directed by Tom Harper, it’s based on true historical events chronicling the risky voyage of an unlikely pair – the affluent widow Amelia Wren (played by Felicity Jones) and scientist James Glaisher (played by Eddie Redmayne). This treacherous tale documents the daring pair’s hot air balloon expedition, in a quest to soar to limitless heights. As their aerial ascent escalates, it becomes an increasing battle for survival amidst discovering truths about one another, as they fight for a future and resist succumbing to the ominous threats of fatality.

House of Sillage Founder and CEO Nicole Mather was inspired by this story, particularly by its stirring and unifying message of triumphing challenges to achieve the nearly impossible. She was especially touched by a fleeting yet significant scene from the film, where an enchanting swarm of golden butterflies flock like celestial angels to offer an overwhelming surge of tranquility, hope and empowerment to overcome obstacles.  

The Aeronauts fragrance, formulated by the most prestigious perfumers in the world, is a dynamically fresh scent igniting a surge of euphoric adrenaline to maximize your potential to achieve your most lofty dreams. It embodies top notes of quince fruit, Meyer lemon, cantaloupe and lavender, heart notes of blue spruce, Egyptian geranium, kiwano and ambrette seeds from Ecuador, and base notes of labdanum, guaiac wood, Haitian vetiver and patchouli. One spritz of this invigorating fragrance instantly fuels a stream of bold courage and motivating energy to defy all odds, defeat obstacles and escalate higher than all to emerge as a victorious champion – the best of the best. The premium parfum is presented in a resplendent bottle, magnificently gold-plated and lacquered with a strikingly vivid red, activating a daring adventure.

The vibrant Red Bow Lipstick Case, beautifully adorned with golden fluttering butterflies, evokes classic, glamorous beauty and exhilarating energy. The opulent case includes a Diamond Powder Satin Lipstick Refill in Baron, a soft rose shade with rose gold luminosity. Infused with genuine diamond powder and Vitamin E, the lipstick formula provides unbeatable glide, extreme sensory quality, full colour and precious sparkling lustre, reminiscent of the butterflies’ glimmering light and peace.

The Aeronauts by House of Sillage is available exclusively online at during the holiday season, launching on November 22, 2019, and available at on December 1, 2019.

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