Dignified Privée



Inspired by the classic, yet fashion forward elegance of Parisian couture designers, The third and only one of ten made to order House of Sillage Private Collection Travel Spray features a classic tile design in while gold surrounded by custom hand-made black and white enamel and adorned with a stunning 1.8 carat black diamond and embellished with close to 6 carat round brilliant –cut colorless diamonds for a total of 769 gem stones, all hand-set on an 18K white gold cylinder. This exquisite new design, which took months to execute, was created in-house and its retail price is available upon request. The Limited Edition Black and White Enamel Travel Case holds 7.5 ml and comes with one of each of the brand’s six different fragrances along with the Certificate of Authenticity, packaged in a gorgeous Birdseye Maple lacquered gift box.

1,89 Black Diamond

768 Rounds Diamonds, 5.89K

105.1 Grams, Equals 31.3 oz.