Blanche Or Travel Spray Set

Blanche Or Travel Spray Set

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Denoting prestige and fortune, gold brings an abundance of elegance and royalty. The rich, warm hue of this design illuminates the embodiment of generosity, as it resonates a profound understanding of perpetual enlightenment. The Arabesque Collection was influenced by an orchestra of timeless tradition and elegant sophistication. Each delicately crafted flacon represents a precious piece of art, steeped in the musings of old-world heritage and inspired by cherished moments of profound discovery. Playful, yet modern and refined, each design begins a concerto in the heart shaped scroll of a classic arabesque opera. The Arabesque Collection revitalizes century-old craftsmanship to provide a unique enchantment of irreplaceable inheritance.

• 4 x 8 mL / 0.27 fl. oz. Refills + 1 Case